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Early Goose Season

3 Day Hunt (Lodging Included) - $1,800


Our early goose season runs from September 1-September 25. Being located in the heart of the St. Lawrence River Valley, we are home to the best early season Canada Goose hunting in the country. Our region produces thousands of Canada Geese and serves as a staging area for thousands of molt migrators in the early fall. St. Lawrence County is predominantly dairy farms, planting huge tracts of silage corn as well as alfalfa, which creates a buffet for early season geese. Throughout the month, ten's of thousand molt migrator Canada Geese funnel through and stage in our area on their way back to their breeding and wintering grounds. Having been in business for 25 years, we have learned a ton about molt migration patterns and we utilize several different tactics depending on what each day requires. This knowledge and exclusive access to thousands of acres help us to put our clients in the best position possible for success. With a very liberal limit and a surplus of birds, our clients each day have the possibility of experiencing the best Canada Goose hunting of their lives.

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